Summer 2015

I still need more stuff for early July, late August and all of September, please make suggestions. Here is how the summer is panning out:

June 14th  Naperville, Illinois Sprint Tri  (doing this with one with Sandra and Poor Little Tumbleweed Adriana)

June 21st  Columbus, OH Tri Tech Columbus  (I am on a relay team for work and am only doing the swim)

July 10th-12th Ruido Fest in Chicago (I won’t be buying my ticket until June so if anyone knows how I can get it any cheaper pleeeeease let me know).

25 de julio  Teques, Morelos Olympic Tri  (hopefully with my god-brother-in-law Carlos)  Having  previously traveled to Mexico with my bike, Keni Styles to Mexico, I’ve decided this is too much and I’d rather just rent when I arrive…so I am open to suggestions on this.  Ideally, I would still like to use SPDs.

August 14-16 Nashville, Indiana Tour de Upland (cycling, camping and swimming with McPocho and Andy)

Voy a necesitar bici en el de Teques…¿algún consejo de como conseguir bici cuando o antes de que llego?

crazy eyes

A few months ago I was walking my lovely puppy (yes, puppy, he is 8 months old now). When I ran into a neighbor with his puppy of about the same age. The pups played as pups do, and as they did the man began to ask intrusive questions/hit on me and when he asked me “Why is a pretty woman like you single?”  I looked at him straight on and made my eyes as big and weird as possible and I said “Because I am CRAZY.  Motherfucking crazy.” Then I left with my puppy.

Today in the mail I got a sex offender notification for said neighbor.  According to public records he raped a 10-year-old girl multiple times and he is a “Tier III Sex Offender“.

sex offender notification




It has been awhile since I posted and this is mostly so I can keep slight track of what I’ve been doing (I was much better about blogging and keeping a nice spreadsheet of my meets/times before—I’ll need to get back on that for 2015).

OSU 4 miler

OSU 4 miler

OSU 4 Miler  Sept. 21 2014:    Lordy, this race was difficult.  Not because of the distance or weather but because I did it with one of my students.  She was not used to running and it became more of a Fartlek training where she would sprint as hard as she could for about 20 seconds then come to a dead stop, wait until she felt completely normal and then sprint has hard as she could for another 20 seconds—we did this for all 4 miles and it took us nearly an hour to finish.  I think I have felt less tired after Olympic distance triathlons then I did after this race.

Broke Man’s 1/2 Marathon  October 5th:  I loved this race!  It was a no-thrills race–I think it was a $10 entry, and I took it easy.  I did it with my friends Jessica B. and Sandra E.  I  walked a lot of it, enjoying the day and did it in about 3 hours (there was no timing).

Buckeye Barbell Club Push-Pull competition  October 26th:  This was my first power-lifting competition and was lots of fun!  I had great encouragement from strangers and friends, Amber, John, Norm, and Suzanne.  I had no idea how much I could actually lift and had never practiced.  My buddy John didn’t tell me what he put down on my third deadlift and just told me to get out there and try…and I lifted it…later finding out it was 185lbs.  I’d like to lift 200+ by the end of 2014.  Video (elenamary deadlift) was taken by Amber doing the 185 deadlift.  Warning I say a vulgarity.

Amish 1/2 Marathon November 29th:  By the time I finished the race I hadn’t slept in 30+ hours, I had driven to the race straight from work and only when I arrived there did I realize I also hadn’t eaten since the previous day.  I remembered I had a slice of Hounddogs Pizza (i should get them to sponsor me) in my gym bag.  I stood surrounded by competitors waiting for the race to begin while eating my slice.  There were tons of hills, I was exhausted and hallucinated an ocean.  I had hoped to finish at about 2 hours…I finished in 2:53.

strong women


I went on two dates with two different men this week, and the best part was after the second date I got to home to a bag of trail mix and to the documentary Strong! (I’ll include it below and hope you’ll watch).

ladies I train with

I am on the far right. These are a couple of the lovely strong ladies I train with

Date #1 let me know that he was more attracted to petite women, and women whiter than me.

Date #2 explained that he didn’t like women with lots of muscles.  It is just “too much muscles for a woman”.  He used my gym girlfriends as examples of unattractive.

I came home feeling fat, big, too masculine, unattractive and pissed that I felt those ways. Pissed at myself for being illogical, pissed at those men, pissed at societal norms, and culturally standards of beauty that I tell myself are absurd, however, truth is, they still fucking hurt.  Luckily, I’ve great friends like Sharon Moss a national Strongwoman, who by great fortune, posted a link to the movie Strong!  I’ve wanted to see Strong! for a couple of years now, and for this week only it is available for free viewing at PBS’ Independent Lens.

You know, I am not as strong as I’d like to be, but I am strong, and getting stronger and it is coming from the encouragement of the women around me who lift.  Women who value all bodies for their strengths.  Here is a video of me lifting with encouragement from my friend Hannah.  No matter what anyone says I love how I look in it (although I need to work on my form)!  Now, I just need to find someone else to train with as Hannah moved away earlier this week.

Elenamary lifts (click for video)

always lube

they looked worse a few days ago ;-)

they looked worse a few days ago ;-)

Always lube. More importantly for me, always lube the boobs. I need to remember that. A couple weeks ago I did a sprint triathlon and chaffed a tad in the boobs and thought “man, I should’ve lubed”. This past Sunday I did an olympic distance triathlon (a longer distance), I didn’t lube.  I remember thinking, “meh, it will be okay”. It wasn’t okay I chafed the hell out of my boobs this time. When I saw my doctor Monday, she asked during the breast exam if my partner had done that to me or if I’d done it to myself.
I explained that, I had done it to myself, as an idiot for failing to lube on race day.

the triathlon running that caused that boob chafing

the triathlon running that caused that boob chafing

Truth is, however, I don’t feel like a total idiot, I feel hardcore.  Just like the new calluses and dead skin falling off my hands, the blisters on my feet, the lack of toe nails, I love all of it. I love what my body is capable of. I love the formation of it becoming a stronger person.  I was showing off my scars to my friend Hannah, a power lifter, and she “ewwed” and told me to put my boobs away (in her defense we were in public on the TRX machine).   I explained that no, I would not be ashamed of my boob gashes. My wounds are impressive and magnificent just like the fact that she has bruises up her legs and no skin on her shins these are things to be proud of.  We are living life fully, pushing ourselves, and it is awesome.   All of this, reminded me a great article I read  When Women Wear Bruises to Work,

Almost every bruise, scrape and scar on my body comes with a fond story. The dent from that tree I didn’t quite dodge, the scar from the scrappy rappel, the bump from that confoundedly sandy 5.10 sport route. They are the marks of living life passionately. And the women I want to spend my time with also proudly bear the marks of living in pursuit of adventure.

Like the author, I am glad I am finding adventure and surrounded by other women who are too.

gender differences

I’ve 226 draft emails …they are mostly thoughts, or experiences, things I needed to jot down to remember in the future.  Accidentally, just opened this email gem and it made me smile:

I overheard Lonnie tell Quincy that he couldn’t tell or ask him if he had been working out nor that he had lost any weight. I was shocked by their interaction and then Quincy responded “What? I’m not a woman.  I don’t need lied too”.  The two began to explain that men could be more honest more straight forward, it was more clear cut even when asking about working out.

I turned to Lonnie, and asked him how do you answer if a woman asks you if her butt looks bigger, does that depend on race and ethnicity? He said there was no good way to answer that question because she was still a woman.

I looked at him and said “You know I’ve increased my squats and i think it has made my ass firmer, lift more, and therefore look bigger what do you think?” he looked at me, then looked at Quincy, and then looked back at me and said “We really gotta go feed the fish”.