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A couple years ago on the campus Oval I went off on a kid who was trying to get me to make a PBJ sandwich. Let me explain, every year for some reason, OSU has PBJ sandwich making tables set up all over campus. Later that day the sandwiches are taken to a homeless shelter. I have issues with this.

1. Who wants to eat a PBJ sandwich at 7 in the evening that sat in the sun all day?
2. When Faculty, Staff and Administration leave their offices to come down and make a sandwich is this really beneficial to anyone? Couldn’t this person instead call and make a donation of $1 that would go a lot further than a soggy sandwich, or if they are an administrator why not make a phone call and get some corporation to make a financial donation to the homeless shelter of $10?

Why did I go off on this kid? Well, he screamed to me as I passed by “Don’t you want to help people? Don’t you care about those less fortunate”. I was pissed at the screaming, and I was pissed at the fact he assumed because I didn’t want to make a sandwich I didn’t care.

So, I told him “Don’t accuse me of not caring. I have better ways to contribute than by making a sandwich and so do you. I probably will give back more to this world than you even though you are a white male. Did you know that a white male with a High School degree earns on average the same as a Latina with a Masters degree? Why don’t you go work for an hour and donate that money? Or go study so that you can get a good job and donate even more money? That is what I am going to go do so that hopefully one day I can make as much money as you would out of high school.”

Anyway, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research has their report out today on the Women’s Economic Status in the States.

A new report paints a portrait of two
American economies – one that pays white
men $44,200 and another that pays all women
dramatically less, from $23,200 for Hispanic
women and $25,500 for Native American women,
to $27,600 for African American women and
$30,900 for white women.
Even the highest paid group of women,
Asian American women, earn only $33,100,
a full 25 percent less than white men.

‘For every $1 earned by the average
Hispanic woman, the average white man
takes $1.90. They’re living in the same
country, but they’re in two different
economies,’ according to economist Heidi Hartmann.

For a brief summary of the study you can read about it at Mercury News. You can also check out a State by State breakdown. Here is our great state of Ohio.

4 thoughts on “What I’m worth

  1. I’m torn between thinking that at least the dude thought enough to make a sandwhich, but then I get irritated that he thinks he’s being so great by making a sandwhich. It kind of reminds me how every year food banks get lots of donations around the holidays, but people are hungry the rest of the year too. I think it’s better to give something than nothing at all, but there are a lot better ways to donate. When I read about donations, shelters, soup kitchens, food banks all say that cash is the best thing to give.

    Also, I cannot wait to hear how the salary differences are excused away.

  2. i can see why you would yell at the kid. a lot of the “community service” and philanthropy headed up by kids from privileged communities really bugs me. the things they try to do are usually bandaids and don’t even address the real issues and problems. i heard a lot of that this summer, and it especially bugged me when non-latino students would talk about how they were going to help the people in the latino majority schools and communities. oh yeah, and that income thing makes me wonder why i even bother to get an advanced degree if my earning power will still be lower based on my gender and ethnicity.

  3. DT, I shouldn’t have gone off on the poor kid, his intentions were probably good.

    Cindy, Even though on average we may not make as much, I like to think that my reason for undergrad wasn’t for a profession or skill but for the education. If I keep telling myself that then I don’t get too pissed about the pay. Plus Cindy you and I are smarter than the average bear ;-)

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