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A list of Latino & Latina Blogeros. The ones with a heart " ♥ " are my favorite blogs, that I read as soon as they get updated. The ones with a strike through them are now de-funked blogs. (If you would like me to add a blog or edit a description please let me know).

Aislinn*the albino bean: diary of a White Beaner from Rosarito

Ana Castillo’s Web Journal

The Art of Brownsville: A blog about art and living in Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande Valley/Tamaulipas, Mexico frontera.

La Bella: Mexican, raised in L.A. U.S. Air Force Wife…

Be the change you want to see in the world:
This is a space of self reflection and discovery where i intend to share my human experience and how i engage with the world. Also, this is a space to stay in touch with the people I care the most but everyone is welcome…and as my compadre very beautifully states, i am a small voice, but a voice- i am just one person, but alive and connected i am touching you right now i am touching you with my words hear my voice sing with me ~ Agustin “El Tin” Palacios. By José Lopez from Aztlan, CA

Big Brown Girl: Because being brown isn’t just the color of your skin.

Birds: Dianna A. Vazquez. 21. Into Politics, owns and loves way too much music, anime, and other assorted pop-culture goodies.

Botanas-Art, Culture & Other Rants

♥Carlos’ Journal

Chicana on the Edge: The blog of one small Mexican American woman against the world. If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, then we are truly screwed.

Chicanas on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough: “this website is…to write about our Chicana experiences as Ph.D. candidates who try to maintain
some sort of balance.”

El Chisme: El Chisme provides information on Brownsville, Texas and its surrounding communities. El Chisme will not be limited to news. It will publish just about anything that goes around our community.

♥ Colorado Luis

Crafty Chica A blog about crafty life, hi-shine drama, familia & sparkly glitter by Kathy Cano Murillo.

♥ The Daily Texican: Ojo: The “Cholo Word Of The Day” is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by “cholos,” but by many people in S. Texas – and their usage can vary. c/s

♥De Suecia a Tijuana

Diary of a Brown Girl: I am very opinionated and lord help you if we disagree. I’m originally from Texas and hope to one day achieve my goal of writing the next great American Novel.

Dos Sentavos: a Daily Opinion Weblog providing daily commentary on issues, legislation, policies, cultural and political affairs affecting the Chicano/Latino community of Houston and Tejas.

♥ Ethnoqueer: A Queer Desi-Latino Weblog

♥ Fighting Words: Thoughts and words from the new revolution (November 2nd, 2004) The re-election of George Walker Bush. By Luicio Rodriguez desde El Monte, CA

♥ Flor y Canto: Soy “el tin.” I use this space to broadcast my intergalactic rebellion para todos los locos cabrones xingones xican@s that are down enough to say “y que,” and are not afraid to spit la neta in the face of oppression or mere discontent. La revolución is just on the other side of la puerta and here’s an axe to break it down.

♥ Gustavo Rojo Dot Com: La Unica Muerte es el Olvido: A central valley student’s struggles in school and his thoughts on the world. Live from Porterville, California.

Hispanic Pundit

The Incredible Journal of a Weird Dude: A blog of a boy and his fight against depression… *cough cough* Opression!!!

♥ Injust Spring: is a webbity (that word coined by Shylo) that deals with culture, motherhood, design, art, other blogs/journals/webbities, my knee-jerk reactions to those topics — in addition to well-informed and educated ones — and just tidbits of things around me I see as either amusing or entertaining. Think of injust-spring as edutainment.

Irasali’s Domain: Cracked Chancla in Chicago.

Latina Advocate: It’s all about finding strength from within. It’s about learning from the past, persevering in the present and having the ganas, or desire, to flourish in the future.

♥ Latina Lista: A viewpoint on anything, and everything from a Latina perspective.

♥ Latino Pundit: A Latino Blog born out of underrepresentation.

♥ Lotería Chicana: I write about educational issues, my (mis)adventures as a grad student in education, baseball, travels, my family, politics, films, and music. It’s a mix, just like a deck of lotería cards.

Luz Paz: Musings From the Heart of Aztlan.

Madurando con Sentido: Opiniones de dos Ecuatorianos viviendo en Florida.

Malinchista: Some random thoughts from a Malinchista.

Malört i Glädjebägaren: Em Osvensk blog om en Xicano kille i Sverige.

Mariel Garza: Los Angeles adventures of a Girl Columnist.

Mariposa Atomica

El Mas Chingón:A blog about some writer who really isn’t that chingón. He just thinks he is.

Mercurial: weighty, fluid, brilliant and toxic.

The Mind’s Playground Our minds love to contemplate, create, debate at all hours. Its playground can’t be found on a map or even on this site since it’s abstract. But it does depend on you to allow it to play. Awaken your mind!

Mujer Hollering: A Latina’s take on the personal, political, and pop cultural “because honesty is a necessity”.

My Complex Simplicity: I’m just a simple gal with a complex soul…

La Placita: I remember that when I was a child in Ponce, I would see a number of old men meet at a corner of the square or plaza. Some of them would sit on a bench, while the others surrounded those seated and gesticulated in animated conversation. The conversation could be about anything: politics, culture, news, sports…whatever. So that is why I named this “la placita.” Anything goes here. I guess.

♥ El Pocho Abogado: He is currently a 2L(or tool) and would like some Carne Asada Tacos. He is interested in Rock N Roll, the news, and La Causa.

Poems from Baghdad: Jaime Lepe – Mexican-American Mathematician, Poet, Athelete, Infantryman.

Poor Little Tumbleweed

Puras Locuras

Raza Cósmica: Este sitio es parte de Raza Cósmica, un sitio web que trata sobre la vida mexicana en Suecia y los lazos que han surgido a través de este intercambio cultural.

SC Life & Ministry Journal: You will not find any fancy writing here. This is me and my life. The life of a Mexican immigrant en el otro lado. Trying to finish a BA and do Gods work at the same time. Welcome to my journey.

♥ Sensory Overload: not strictly political, not just the arts, more than Latino/a issues, beyond the Bay Area ~ more like a sense-of-everything.

♥ Seyd Journal of a Queer Chicano.

Sin Fronteras: The political blog of Luis Moreno… “liberate your mind, you liberate your people…”

Soul Musings: Alma in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Student del Sexto Sol: I am a socially and politically conscious student from the Sixth Sun. I love to produce political chaos in order to produce political order.

Tlasohtla: Tlasohtla is the name of my blog, meaning “to love” in the Mexican Indigenous language of Nahuatl.

♥ Tortilla Sandwich: A mixture of the Mexican and American heritage which once fused together creates the culture I grew up with. A culture where I watched every India Maria movie, my hero was El Chapulin Colorado, I had atole for breakfast, yet at the same time I never missed an episode of Saturday Night Live, my favorite meal was mom’s meatloaf and I dreamed of being in the Ramones.

Universa’s Universe

Verde Luz: The world, from a Neo-Rican’s perspective.

♥ La Vida Latina: Goodbye Texas! Hello Washington, DC! This is La Vida Latina, broadcasting to all you chicas, chulos, y gringitas looking for la verdad on amor, el chisme on sex, y the mystery of living (and sleeping) with a white guy.

The Walking Contradiction: 34 year old Hispanic /Mexican-American/ Latino/ Hispano living in the heartland of conservative America. I spent 5 and a half years in the US Army but I am smart enough to know that right wing America is wrong. I love my undergraduate school, Arizona State University even though at least once every six months, I hear someone bag on it (even the Simpsons have done so). Even after 7 years of school, I’m still considering going back to get my PhD so I can teach one day

Xikano hasta las Madres

♥ Xoloitzquintle: Random collection of kvetching

♥ Yonder Lies it: A Xicano minded blog based in Sweden.

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