my deep belly

I was reminded this morning, that I wanted to discuss belly buttons with you. I saw a beautiful belly button this morning. It was a flat belly button, by this I mean not really an “innie” nor an “outtie” and it was absolutely stunning. Had I seen this belly button four years ago, I would’ve felt sad for the person. Because in some Mexicano culture if you don’t have an “innie” it is because your mother didn’t love you. When a baby’s umbilical cord falls off, (a few days after birth) Mexican mothers retie the belly button and weigh it down, usually with a coin.

baby belly.jpg

I was doing medical interpreting for a newborn baby. The nurse was removing the baby’s blanket and was shocked when she saw the baby. “Oh my what is this?” the nurse turned and asked the mother. I interpreted and the mother didn’t understand “What is, what?” she responded in Spanish. I explained to the nurse this cultural difference, it wasn’t anything to be alarmed by, the mother was showing her love for her child. The deeper the belly button the more a mother loves her baby. Let me tell you, I got one deep belly button. Even so, that belly button I saw this morning was damn sexy.

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