Latino does not equal undocumented

Dear Columbus Dispatch,

I was getting ready to go out and enjoy my Sunday morning when I noticed the front page of the newspaper with the Headline “Latino Protests to take Many Forms” and a sub headline for another article “Mexicans pushing ‘Nothing Gringo’ campaign”.

Your headlines and sub headlines are misleading and false. Monday’s economic mobilization participants are those in support of immigrants rights. Not just Latinos. Undocumented immigrants come from many different continents including Europe, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, Latinos does not equate to the word “illegal immigrants” nor does the word Latino equate to Mexican, which your article misleads readers to believe.

Supporters of immigrant rights and new legislation are being asked to take a day away from their normal activities whether it be work, school, or shopping. They are being asked to wear white, and attend local gatherings in support of reform. This is not just a boycott by undocumented workers but by supporters as well, while your article misleads again by insinuating that it is the undocumented who are protesting.

If you would like more information here is a good article at alternet on why one person will boycott on May 1st. If you would like help on what terms like “Latino” and “Mexican” mean you can click here.

One thought on “Latino does not equal undocumented

  1. Its not just in Columbus! The national media needs to stop equating latino to illegal immigrant and mexican as well.
    Aqui en Chicago, one reporter said something like “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants marched…..”

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