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Charles, Miles and I went apartment hunting today. I am working full time and taking a full course load and so I asked them both to go on their own to look at apartments. However, today I was free in the late afternoon and was able to go with them. We arrived promptly at the third apartment of the evening and waited for the landlady who arrived 20 minutes late. While we were waiting another couple was waiting as well. They were looking at the apartment and their friend the future third roommate was unable to come. I learned this about them because I heard them telling the landlady. It was terribly stereotypical. Miles walked in front of me and Charles behind me when I heard the landlady ask the white couple “who are those people?” referring to the three of us. Before the couple responded she clutched her purse and asked Miles “What are you doing?” Miles politely informed her that we were her 5 o’clock. She nodded and we all followed her into the house. She sent the couple to explore a room on their own and then us asked us to follow her to one of the other bedrooms. Once in the other bedroom she told us that she thought the three bedroom home would be too small for us. Though she never said that to the other couple that had told her there would be three of them as well. The tension or rather her nervousness around Miles and Charles was also uncomfortable. I am curious how many more times this is going to happen.

Today I went to Southern Ohio (South West of Dayton) with Olgita. Olga’s hand therapist found a doctor willing to help Olga get a burn wound mask for her face that Children’s Hospital had estimated at $20,000. It is a funny looking mask. All plastic with a space for her eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Today the took digital images of her head and will create the mask and deliver it next week. She will have to wear it 24 hours a day for at least a year. Charles was very supportive as I think he picked up on my concern of her being made fun of. He told me that most of her time is going to be spent with family and people that love her, who aren’t going to ask her why is she wearing that thing. And he thinks all the little black boys in her class in the fall will be really into her mask since a lot of basketball players wear them. Who knows…but at least it is only temporary and will help prevent further scaring.

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  1. 42 USC 1981 and 1982 I think. Total fair housing violation. There’s probably a legal aid that loves to sue landlords like that, and wouldn’t it be fun!

  2. It is a huge violation. But good luck proving. I worked for a real estate company in Columbus OH and I was told what ‘types’ of people we could rent to and what things we could say to ‘dissuade’ people from renting voluntarily so we didn’t have to turn them down. Since I hated the rules, I rented to several people who were undesirable according to the rules, and these ended up being the best tenants.

    Not sure what your price range or area of town you’re looking in, but I’ll suggest properties from Kohr, Royer, & Griffith. They’re pretty fair, base their decision on your rental history and credit report only, and are great (or were great) about making needed repairs and fixing any bug problems and taking noise complaints seriously. Good luck.

  3. typical trip looking for apartments, I empathize. besides being the “heavy” for american identify politics, black men are still considered too scary for regular folks. bleh. people stink.

  4. that fucking sucks, and it might be hard to prove. That being said, there are some fair housing groups around who should have this person on their radar screens. I know that in the Cinti area they were going to rental property places that were thought to be discriminatory, and sent in “spies” to try to rent apartments, and be turned down and what not. Secret stings. If this person is never identified to these groups as a problem starter then she might not make the next sting. I will look into where in Cols is the best, and yes I know there will be lawyers salivating over busting people like her’s asses.

    Poor Olgita, but I think that basket ball comment is on the money. And kids will definitely be curious and maybe a little scared at first, but better kids her age than 12 year olds or something.

  5. All I’m thinking is, how could anybody be nervous around Miles?

    What part of town are you looking in?

  6. Also, yes, obviously a huge fair housing violation. Is it a private landlord or a company? We’ve been really happy with our landlord (this is the second place I’ve rented from them) so far. If you want their info. let me know.

  7. pobre de olgita, but i know that with good people around her she won’t be made to feel uncomfortable. kids can be cruel, so maybe is better if she doesn’t go to school, but what do i know. take care of her.

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