Turning 6 & 16

Almost two months ago I emailed many of my readers, most of my friends, and told anyone who would listen, that my friends needed help. I wrote about a group of friends of mine who were in a terrible car accident just south of San Diego. My friends were trying to come to Ohio.

Two women, both single mothers passed away in the car accident. Everyone else in the car suffered injuries. My little Olgita, pictured above, broke both her legs, one of her knees and all the fingers in one of her hands, fractured her wrist, and had serious burns to her face and hand. Right now, staying with me is a young boy, Sofo, who I was told at first was 12 but found out only the night before his arrival, is actually 15. His mother passed away in the accident, and as such he was left orphaned. We are working with attorneys to figure out what we can do in Sofo’s case.

Olgita is healing pretty rapidly especially compared to her mother. Olgita went to the doctor five times in four days this past week. She has to see hand specialists, surgeons, orthopedic specialists, wound treatment specialists and physical therapists. She has been really good about going to the doctor. At first she was very freighted because after the car accident she spent the first two weeks by herself in the hospital without contact with anyone in her family. As such, when we would first go to the hospital she would cry in fear that she was going to be abandoned.

Sofo is doing well and while he will have permanent burn scares on his arm his bones have healed.

Both Sofo and Olgita have birthdays coming up. Olgita will be turning six on Saturday and Sofo will be turning sixteen on Monday.

I have to say this whole experience has been very hard for me. The first two days when they arrived in Ohio were very hard. About 13 of them total arrived in two days, all in small groups except Sofo who arrived alone. And all of them without sufficient clothing, food or bedding. That was hard. It isn’t to say I haven’t seen people hungry before, but these people seemed dependent on me. Yes, me the unemployed student. But hey, at least I have my mother and all my bones, skin, and senses.

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  2. All I can give are my best wishes and best thoughts. I don’t know why I came to your site this time. i was still thinking of deep fried candy bars.

  3. Seriously, where can I send you a check? Or what account can I give money to through Paypal? I think you’re getting my May non-profit donation instead of a group. I think you need it more, and I know they do too.

  4. Agustín el tuyo es muy grande.

    Anthony an amazon.com list would be nice, but more needed things right now are things like non-adhesive bandages, motrin, cotton swabs, a childs hat with a big brim (to block sun), sunblock, cushioned wide-open sandles, etc.

    Cinnamon “May non-profit donation” you try do this multiple times a year? Man the world needs more people like you.

    Zulma, gracias.

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