Oh Say Can You See?

Last night I took Olga to a Clippers Game. Caonabo got us tickets and it was an exciting night. Olga had cotton candy and ice cream and there were fireworks. It being the fourth of July everyone was in a patriotic mood. We arrived late to the game which always opens with the singing of the national anthem and pledge to the flag.

I don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance or the anthem and sure as hell not for God Bless America. I stay silent and seated. It is my form of protest. I do not pledge allegiance to a flag, I do not pledge allegiance to a symbol that represents a government I do not support. I’ve had people be rude and nasty to me. Someone has shoved me another tried to hit me. I also had someone ask me why I choose not to stand and was polite in their response. I appreciated it greatly and thanked them for the conversation.

Here I was at the baseball game between the 7th and 8th inning with Olga and her sticky little fingers dripping ice cream on both of us when the announcer asked everyone to stand as a quartet sung “God Bless America”. I looked around me everyone in their Red, White and Blue clothing standing up and I got scared. It is one thing for me to protest but to do it with Olga was another. I started to run the scenario in my head of someone saying to her “If you don’t like it go back to where you came from”. I decided to stand up. I grabbed Olga’s ice cream cone, told her to stand, took off her baseball cap and we stood as the quartet sang “God Bless America”.

BTW Olga has an awesome punk rock hair cut (a mullet) thanks to the accident. The doctors shaved off all the hair on the top of her head but left her ponytail. She is my little punk rocker.

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  1. What nostalgia! I remember watching Clippers games in Columbus as a kid, bringing my glove and trying to catch foul balls. In fact, I think we even went to a game on the 4th of July. Doesn’t that mean the Ohio State Fair is right around the corner?

    You should post a picture of punk rock Olga.

  2. i don’t stand up for no patriotic bs either. but i understand why you stood up. if i am told to go back to where i come from, i tell them that i’m already in Aztlan and that maybe they should go back to Europe. (that really gets them mad) but yeah, its hard when you have a child with you.

    Who’s independence? not black peoples, not native americans, not women, not poor peoples, not mexicans, not irish. who’s independence, rich white slave owning men.

  3. i could understand your apprehension. you gotta learn how to choose your battles. having a child with you, i would have probably done the same.

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