where are the men

I am ignorant and really should keep my mouth shut more than I do.

When visiting my mom’s hometown (almost 10 years ago! wow!) I only saw one man (he is my cousin) between the age of 14-50 and he had just come back from the US only weeks before to see his sick mother. All the rest of the men were here in the United States, and many of the women were about 5-6 months pregnant as it was June and the men had come home for Christmas.

I was hanging out with some Dominican friends of mine. They all were male, all Dominican and all played pro baseball. In fact the only Dominican men I know are male baseball players. So, I asked them, “Are there any men in the Dominican Republic during baseball season?” They laughed at me. I guess I would’ve too.

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  1. ondale … try Angel stadium aqui en Califas … it seems that’s all owner Arturo Moreno might be playing …

    Elena … mandeme your email … mira, this one’s mine:


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