Radio, for real

The irony of the radio add was that I was on my way to a public school to interpret for an immigrant family.

Central Ohio has a radio station that is 24/7 Spanish language, primarly catering to a Mexican community. I can rarely get it but was driving through a part of town that had pretty decent receiption so I tuned in. There was an add (in spanish) with a woman’s voice saying something to the effect of “My daughter is afraid to go to school. She is afriad of the violence. The schools don’t care, and the administrators don’t care. I moved to this country so my daughter could have a better education than I had in my home country. But the politicians don’t even want us to choose where we send our children to school. The democrats have voted against us choosing where we can send our children to school. That is why I am voting for the republicans.”

I was stunned. Absolutly, stunned.
1. Lies, lies, lies.
2. Why are you bothering advertising on the Spanish radio station? Really the voting block of those who speak Spanish won’t come to voting age for at least another 5 years.
3. Lies, lies, lies.
4. Wtf?

4 thoughts on “Radio, for real

  1. EM: i just saw the movie “American Blackout” last night (& bought a copy if anyone wants to see it & get revved up, or have a house party), about voter disenfranchisement in 2000 & 2004. it does a great job of showing how committed the Rs are to blocking the vote. I’ve done a couple of recent posts on it, one (Holy Crap) also about a really twisted ad being aired on black radio in OH. This shit is disturbing. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. With all the smear ads coming from the GOP, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Just outraged. Maybe you can call them up and ask for their rationale for playing it?

  3. Because these things get into peoples heads early. Most people put as much thought into who they vote for as they do into what there going to eat tonight. As kids they feed into the lies and grow up with them. Which is why progressives need to push our message out to the Latino community more than we already do. Those lies will be the foundation of independent voters uncertainty of support for liberals. This is the beginning of a really fight for the emerging latino communities in the midwest vote, they may not be a lot but they are the growth in that area.

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