It isn’t rape if he is handsome

I am tired of hearing “He is a [insert adjective–handsome, wealthy] man, he could have any woman he wants.  It makes you wonder why someone would accuse them of rape.”  MSNBC just had someone on saying that about David Copperfield.  We heard the same thing about Kobe Bryant.  I believe innocent until proven guilty but what I do not believe is that a man is less like to be a rapist based on his attractiveness to women.  Rape isn’t about haveing sex with someone you are attracted to, it is about power.

Get with it mainstream media.

3 thoughts on “It isn’t rape if he is handsome

  1. Uhh, why can’t I get raped by a fine as hell, bomb diggity dayum, female? I mean, I walk through the park at night right. She can exert all the power she wants, I’ll just lie there all tied up and resist. Oh wait, only men can be rapists in this world. Stupid me.

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