George Tiller

I think, I really only know, approximately three things about George Tiller, he was a medical doctor who was willing to provide abortions, he went to church, he was assassinated.  I don’t know if George Tiller was a good or bad doctor.  I don’t know if he was a regular church goer.  I really know very little about him.

I do know that his assassination has put fear in me.  I work at a clinic that is willing to provide abortions.  I am not sure if anyone close to me, knows the fear I feel.   I fear the websites that take pictures of my car when I go to work (not one of those cars has ever been in my name).  I fear they will publish the address of the person who lent me their car, and that the retaliation will be against them.  I fear  going to work.  I fear for my patients, including the ones that say to me “They don’t know I am christian too”… as if casting the first stone were a Christian act.  I fear copy-cats.  I fear people who don’t understand.  I fear people who aren’t more pensive in their analysis of  life.    I fear people who can’t understand the conversation I had this morning with a doctor who works at a pro-choice clinic.

The doctor I spoke with, is  Roman Catholic,  born and raised in Latin America; for most of his life he has worked at Catholic hospitals.  He frequently tells his patients that he has never met a mother who regretted her child.  He does not perform abortions;  he refuses because he does not agree with them.  He does however, counsel women and provide the 24 hour medical consent they need in order to get abortions.  His stance, a rather conservative one, is that women deserve to be educated and make a logic based decision for themselves in a supportive environment.  He feels there are women who will go to no ends to make sure they can have an abortion, so why not make sure they are aware of all consequences and ensure that they have their abortion in a safe, clean, environment?

His view is more conservative than mine.  However today, we both shared in our fear of a copycat.  We shared, in our fear of what it means that some praise an assassination.

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  1. I feel like I’m quoting The Matrix, but it is indeed a matter of choice. And I’m saddened that there are people that just can’t handle other people’s decisions. Debating and arguing is OK… but fighting and attacking is not; there is a thick line between them.

  2. I think that fear is a natural reaction for one who facilitates abortion, but is it a new reaction for you?

    These divisive and emotionally charged issues, abortion, civil rights, homosexuality, etc, have always had their violent avatars. As time passes and these issues become more common to the public consciousness, certainly the violence ebbs. However, some issues need more time than others — particularly in cases where the issue has the appearance of being entrenched in one’s fundamental morality.

    Personally, I am shocked and outraged at Tiller’s assassination. Taking a step away from the emotional response, though, perhaps the act is not entirely unexpected. The anti-abortion front has been particularly rabid in recent months, and it was only a matter of time before some psychopath was sufficiently stoked to strike.

    As an aside, you state: His stance, a rather conservative one, is that women deserve to be educated and make a logic based decision for themselves in a supportive environment. I’m curious to understand how this stance is conservative. What would be less conservative? What would be more conserative?

  3. I was quite upset today at school when I found out that students were being taken group by group to see some kind of video by a group that opposes abortion. I wasn’t upset that they were shown the video, but that afterwards they were obligated to write a letter about why they oppose abortion. (Legalizing abortion is on the ballots in Queretaro this election period) They weren’t asked to write a letter with their thoughts on abortion, but asked to write specifically opposing abortion. Many students are pro-choice, but were asked to write the letter anyway. These letters were collected and I imagine will be shared with some candidate or representative for political purposes. I was enfuriated that my school was allowing a 3rd party group to feed our students with their propoganda and denied them the right to form their own opinion on the matter. Pero….calladita me veo mas bonita…no? I just told the students that I saw after that they should take the information and form THEIR OWN opinions and that I will respect and care for them no matter what opinion they hold on the issue. I thought my school was more open though, this was quite disappointing.

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