Ironman China no swim?

The last couple weeks of my training for Ironman China 70.3 I have left out the the run portion due to a knee injury and have instead been focusing on the swim and bike.  Yesterday, they organizers announced that the swim event has been cancelled and that the race will continue as if there were no swim portion.  This isn’t a triathlon.  I am going to cross  still not having completed my first 70.3. I guess I could call myself a 68.4?

Part of me still wants to compete because there are so few races here in China, in fact this is pretty much it in terms of triathlons.  Then again this isn’t a triathlon.  This is heartbreaking.  I wanted that intensity of emotions before the swim began, I wanted to feel the “human blender” of the swim, I wanted to drift into thought about the day that laid ahead while I swam, I wanted to feel my feet touch the ground and my body lift up out of the water as I moved into the transition area.

I don’t know what to do.  Do I still go?  I am unmotivated, heartbroken, and conflicted. Suggestions?

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