filter FTW!

Last semester I swam pretty much every morning no later than 730AM.  I’d go to the school pool in the morning for laps and in the evening to either the private pool outside of campus or the beach, for a leisure swim with friends.  This semester I’ve been super lazy and didn’t go at all to the school pool.  That and the school pool was kindy sucky.

I warned my friends about the school pool.  I warned about its lack of a filtering system and their solution being to over-chlorinate and empty the water once a semester (twice in spring semester–but only because of the school swim competition).  As such the water is always super opaque, and has a weird slimey film at the top.  The pool also has  the effect of leaving your eyes, mouth and body with an odd burning sensation from so much chlorine.  This is to say, the pool is not usually pleasant.  However, there is something invigorating about swimming early in the morning with the sun bright and all things still quiet before the students have begun their rush to class.  I love starting my day swimming laps in an outdoor pool.  So, today I did just that, I went to the school pool for the first time this semester.

I arrived and was surprised to see the pool had a great blue-ness to it. The water looked surprisingly clean.  No filmy layer, no floaties, in fact I could see the floor of the pool, which seemed oddly clean. Hmm, I assumed since it is the beginning of the semester and they did just change the water a couple weeks ago, this must’ve been the reason for its appearance. I put on my googles dove in and started my haphazard training.  It was then I saw something I had never seen before.  The pool had drains and filters, with clean water bubbling out!  Christs sake! They had turned on or fixed or installed, over the summer break, a filtering system!  The school pool now has a filtering system!!!!  I feel like emailing people to gloat.  “That’s right all you friends from last semester!  I am not swimming in Chinese mucus bohhyahh!”  I am so excited about this that I am not going to miss any swims. You now know where you can find me everyday at six am.

Here is a link to a blog by my buddy Pete, he has posted some pictures of the school pool. I am in picture number six at the bottom.

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