and so it happend

Blogtitlan, finally, after much planning (I posted about it here), united in real life, or at least as Cindylu has called it (and I’ve stolen) had a Blogotitlán mini reunion. We were missing keyplayers like El Pocho Abogado, Xolo, El Más Chingon and of course the other blogueros.

We were to meet in San Diego. My dude Juan and I left a snow storm in Columbus just in time before they started canceling flights and off we went to Phoenix (only to later learn Poor Little Tumbleweed had been redirected to Phoenix as well). Arriving in San Diego, we meet up with Poor Little Tumbleweed and rented a cute little mustang convertible. I know it is touristy but it was that or the Crown Vic and that was an oh hells no option. We headed over to our blogtitlan rental house.

I of course rang the neighbor’s doorbell first but once we found the right house we found, El Oso Pecoso, Cindylu, her fiance Sean and her sister Lori. Later that night HP would arrive with HP junior. Next night more would swing by or stay at the house including GRD, Nathan Gibbs, and Chris.

On Sunday some of us (Mario, Oso, Cindylu, PoorLittleTumbleweed, Cindylu, Sean, Lori, Nathan AKA Juan, and I) ran the Carlsbad 1/2 or full marathon. GRD came out with banners to cheer us on and never found us. I’ve never had anyone make signs for me for a race. It was sweet. I felt so much unity as I ran along the pacific coast watching the surfers enjoy the waves.

After the race

Post Carlsbad Race (missing Poor Little Tumbleweed who ran the full), picture from Cindylu.

The reunion was a nice. It felt however, as if we were more grown-up then we had been when we had been writing. It hit home hard that I am not as young as I used to be. I can’t explain that feeling but it was always present. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy myself. I had fun with crazy little tumbleweeds antics. Or feeling the support of Nathan Gibbs as we ran those first 10 miles of the race together. It was nice to meet the blogueros partners although I wish I could’ve asked them what did they think of their spouse blogging and being part of blogtitlan. The time felt too rushed and as if we couldn’t party too much since we did have the big race coming up. I hope for the next reunion that I can stay an extra day or two after the race, hanging out with blogtitlan. I hope Gus and HP will race too and kick some butt. I hope I go back thinner and more fit (with lots of inspiration from Cindylu). I hope the next reunion is bigger and that I can spend more time hugging my fellow blogueros. To the ones I did get to spend the weekend with, thank you for being my blogtitlan familia.

My pictures from Blogotitlán mini reunion.
Cindylu’s pictures from the Blogotitlán mini reunion and Cindylu’s blog post about the reunion and post about the race.
GRD’s pictures from Blogotitlán mini reunion.
Oso’s blog post and his pictures.
Sean’s pictures from Blogotitlán mini reunion and his blog post.


(we are talking of another reunion in Chicago in October for the Chicago Marathon, who is in?)

5 thoughts on “and so it happend

  1. I just walked into my apartment after flying home from San Diego, and after anticipating this weekend for months, I’m a little blue it’s over. EM, you have NO idea how great it was to finally meet you in person. It was crazy how comfortable I felt around you, albeit only meeting you for the first time in person. If I teased you and kidded with you all weekend, it was because you are already a sis.

    It’s funny how you mention that it felt as we were more “grown-up” than we were in our height of Blogotitlan…but for me, it was more a reminder and a feeling of how much we’ve blossomed. Believe me doll we have so many more reunions, life and stories to share with one another, I really can’t wait.

    un abrazo fuerte,


  2. The meet up was great. Why hadn’t we done this before? It was like seeing family that I hand’t seen in such a long time. Sorry for the crying baby though :-) and I wish we could’ve stayed longer.

  3. Gustavo! I never once heard your baby cry. Sean you should totally make the documentary and interview yourself and all of us. I feel like you’d have the most video/editing skills.
    PLT start blogging again, the world needs it. I loved my time with you. I’ll be in Chi-town soon! <3

  4. I will love to get together with you guys, but running a marathon is just not something I am going to be ready for :)

    However, I will love to attend. I have to meet Oso at least once in my life.

    I have looked for a Chicago blog group with latinos and have not found one yet, am I missing an obvious one?

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