Poor decisions, great friends

This all started a few weeks ago.  My good friend Alex told me he was thinking of fasting for 40 days.  It seemed like a good number of days he said.  I, being the competitive person I am, felt that if he was going to do it, I should too.  It was all downhill from there.  First we figured we would do an all liquid diet and I began finding recipes mostly geared for people with their jaws wired shut.  I found an awesome chocolate bourbon pudding recipe but Alex felt that was cheating.  We also began to fear 40 days.  That’s a long time.  So we have both committed to two weeks of fasting with the exception of protein shakes, fish oil, fiber (like metamucil) and water.  If we can go two weeks without any medical emergencies, we will push on for a total of forty days.

Elenamary and Alex

We’ve decided to do this in conjunction with lent.   This has inspired me to want to go to church. For our big kick off on Wednesday I will be going to Ash Wednesday Catholic mass.  I mean, really is there any place better to kick off poor decision making than in  a church? We don’t believe in such fairy tales, and yet it seems like an appropriate time to do it.  So why not?

We are also going to continue our gym habit.  Alex and I work out together a few times a week, and on our own a few times.  Part of our agreement is to not decrease our exercise at all.  To maintain as normal as a life as we can.   In preperation for this poor decision, I made another poor decision to balance it out.  Today I baked some of my favorite and highest caloric foods.  I made a dense quiche, chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake filling, and carrot cake muffins with a cheesecake filling.  I figured that before fasting I should enjoy some gluttony while I can.
Poor decisions

3 thoughts on “Poor decisions, great friends

  1. Girl – let me know how that works out. I just started back on Weight Watchers and I know I am in for it. Nothing like a liquid diet though. Good luck and CHEERS!

  2. I like the way the Muslims fast for Ramadan. They still get to eat, but only when it’s dark.

    I’m pretty sure I’d be miserable if I attempted anything like this. Wish you the best and no harm!

    What are you putting in your protein shakes besides the powder? Are you mixing them with water?

  3. I don’t think I have laughed so well in a while than at, “I mean, really is there any place better to kick off poor decision making than in a church?”

    It sounds like you’re trying to be as safe about it as an ill conceived notion can be. As long as you don’t wake up in an ER, consider it a success! Be safe, quand même!

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