what do i want in a man

The last few days multiple women, all of them immigrants have shared with me their stories of the abusive asshole men in their lives.  Their stories only confirmed my desire to stay single.  I have been torn the last few days, as I passively juggle the idea of three different men and still swear that I am not interested in any relationships.  Torn in that I wonder what is the long-term objective of having someone whom may will impede on my liberties.

Vu and Elenamary

My bestest friend Vu and I had lunch today and he asked me what it was I was looking for in a man.  And I responded in a great moment of clarity; “Do you know what I did today?  I got up without setting my alarm, hung out at home and then went to the gym for a spinning class.  After the gym I went and got a massage, then came and met you for a late impromptu lunch. If I am going to let a man in my life, he has to treat me even better than I treat myself, and I treat myself really damn well. I don’t think there is any man who could contribute in making my life any better than it already is.  I am free to be me.”

Anyway, this is where I am today.  Who knows how I will feel about all of this tomorrow, next week, next year.

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