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After being pampered in Chicago this past week, I’m finally back in Columbus and training.  I’ll tell you a bit about Chicago first because I had one of those “this is the life” moments while there.   I’d gotten dressed as best I could,  (having not brought any dress-up clothes) for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.   I’d put on a dark pair of jeans that in most light looked like slacks, and a solid-dark-colored, long sleeve shirt, and some sensible flat shoes.  I was ready before Lonnie, and as I was watching him get all stylish as he is so good at, I thought about how much joy I expected that evening.
We were four single young people, enjoying the city life. We would start out at the Old Town School of Folk Music to watch our friend perform, followed by a night at the Symphony, and close the night with drinks and silly conversation.  We were happy and free, and it felt good.  I liked sitting on the couch later that night, looking at my three friends, Ashley, John and Lonnie, and thinking about how lucky I was to have such wonderful people in my life.  How lucky am I to be financially able to partake in these things, how lucky am I to not have to run home to take care of the children because the babysitter needs to go.  My life is pretty awesome, and I am very thankful for it.  Sometimes, I fear this can’t last.  But every year my happiness seems to be increasing.  I am not sure if things have actually become more stable but rather I appreciate what I have more and enjoy it.

Okay now on to my training posts.  After being wonderfully pampered in Chicago by great friends I’ve returned to Columbus to train.I did a good job today on calories and landed easily within my nutritional goals.  As for exercise I didn’t swim as much as I’d like too but I blame it on two things, first my currently active menses, and second I didn’t give myself a break between workout sets today. I should have started early and broken it up into two-hour sessions instead of pounding through four to five hours of training.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will try to avoid today’s mistakes.  Nonetheless, here is what I did get to do today:

330pm-430pm Circuit Cycle ( “Cycling intervals are broken up by power and strength intervals off the bike, which train the heart to adjust accordingly”)
5pm Marco Rope Machine 2 intervals of 3 minutes each with ten minute rest while climbing stairs between sets.
530pm-6pm “FreeMotion circuit classes designed to challenge your strength and endurance with different exercises each week”
6pm-620pm  weight lifting, solely focusing on upper body.
640pm-8pm  Swimming: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 8×75 swim/kick/drill :10 rest, 1×150  (it was actually a 4×150 but I stopped after 1×150.  Tomorrow I’ll need to finish the 4×150 +1100 meters of some other stuff).

I am mostly posting this to hold myself accountable.  Now time for some sleep.

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  1. I am not sure if things have actually become more stable but rather I appreciate what I have more and enjoy it.

    I think it’s a little bit of both. I think of this myself. I think a year or two ago my current life wouldn’t have interested me too much. It would’ve felt too prescribed and limited. Marriage, husband and what comes next? But I don’t feel dissatisfied right now. Sure, I have my worries and all, but I know that overall I’m really lucky.

    Anyway, thanks for that little bit of Friday afternoon reflection. Abrazos.

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