I’m sore.  Not so sore that I can’t actually go up the stairs but sore so that it takes me longer.  It is specifically my thighs and butt that are sore and feel tight.   I wish I could pinpoint what it was that I did that pushed me over the edge.   I keep telling myself this is good maybe it is making have a tighter ass…right?   Anyway, trying to balance things and have decided to take it easy today.  Here is today’s plan:

4:10pm-5:20pm Yoga
5:30pm-6pm  Freemotion upper body strengthening
8pm-10pm swimming (probably only do about 1500-2000meters)

When I am training I think of Mohamed Ali boxing, and all the people who depended on him to win.  I think of Chrissie Wellington getting a flat tire and still winning Ironman World Championship.  I repeat to myself “how bad do you really want this?  Do you want to go to world championships?  Are you going?  Yes, I am going.  I am going to world championships.  I am going to London!  Suffer now.  The pay off will come later and for the rest of your life”  It is silly. And I am sure I am moving mouth and mumbling out-loud as I say these things to myself.  I look like a fool but it helps me.  I also think about all the people who support me.  It is a good feeling.

3 thoughts on “ouchie

  1. You are amazing!

    Last night I sat and cried because I let myself think about how crazy what I’m trying to do is. I hurt. I want a milkshake and a burger and fries.

    Then I remember you’re pushing yourself. I’m not the only crazy one. Back to the gym I go.

    Go get it!

  2. Gustavo, I ended up not doing that much I only swam about 25 minutes. I am still too sore.
    Sharon, thank you, thank you, thank you. I was sitting here thinking how I wanted to go to happy hour and skip working out. I just want a colder cider, a Kentucky bourbon ale, and a half a pizza. But I need to go work out. Thank you for motivating me.

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