While my memory and vision (it was sometimes—for a lack of a better description blurry) are back the headaches almost seem worse since the concussion.  The doctor prescribed acupuncture and was rather reasonable about  it “Even if you aren’t sure if it is working at least it is making you lay there and do nothing but rest for an hour.”  Which is fair as it is very difficult me to comply with “resting”, although I have frustratingly not exercised in weeks now. =(  Despite having a push-pull competition in a month and a trail on hills 1/2 marathon next month as well.

Anyway, I went in a little nervous for the acupuncture and it was nice.  We started with me face down and put the needles in my neck and then I rested (fell asleep) for twenty minutes.  Took those needles out and then put needles in my feet, hands, neck, forehead, down the center and top part of my head, and my ears.  I squirmed a bit when he put the needle in my forehead between and just above my eyes.  Logically, I knew that I should tight my face or squirm but it is hard not to squirm when you know a needle is about to be stuck in your head.  I was cold in the room but my head felt warm and my ears flushed and it made me sleepy.  Not sure what was reacting to what, but I left sleepy and relaxed (despite the still persistent headache) so I look forward to my next appointment.

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