Pancho Villa a TKO

Pancho Villa and I butted heads, and he knocked me out, quite literally.

Pancho Villa's big head

Pancho Villa’s big head

I had come home for lunch bent down to pet him and Pancho Villa overwhelmed with excitement lifted his head up into mine and *bang*.  I think I lost consciousness, I was definitely out of it and left home without lunch but with a headache.  Later that evening I would meet friends for an after work drink.  As I explained to the doctor later I am not sure how many drink(s) I had as I don’t remember very much at all.  I remember my head pounding and a friend walking home and that was about it.  The next day I felt awful. Worse than I have ever felt from drinking.  I messaged my friends I’d been out with “Do you feel this bad? No? Why do I feel this bad then?”  I was nauseous, head pounding, vision blurry, and I was sensitive to light.  I figured it would go away after awhile but it didn’t…and in some ways got worse.  I stopped exercising because I didn’t seem to have the balance and mental abilities for balancing.  I went to yoga and all I could muster was a standing tree…usually I can stand on one leg hold my other leg by my toes and rest…just wasn’t happening.  My memory was also shot, I’d walk into the bathroom and while in the bathroom forget that I needed to pee and I would turn around and walk back out.  Writing is a lot easier than reading.  I couldn’t read and remember what I read. Watching TV was the same, I’d start to watch an episode and would forget what had happened 5 minutes earlier.  It was worse at the end of the day. It was as if I’d used all my brain power in the first part of the day and was now out of fuel.
I had a big event for work and I pushed myself to get the event rolling otherwise I would have rested but at this stage I just couldn’t so I pushed on.
One of the sweetest things happened though because of this accident, an ex of mine, a doctor that specializes in neurological trauma stopped by to visit me.  He spoke (semi scolded) to me logically, using research to explain the importance of “brain rest”.  I really dislike listening to men I’ve been involved with but I dislike it even more when they use science and logic to counter my actions…because then I have to admit they are right. As such I did my best to rest the remainder of the event as frequently as the event permitted.  I have very much felt a difference and feel like I am on the road to recovery.

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