Christmas Shopping

If you are going to shop for gifts might as well get them from some lefty feminist awesome people who sell really cool stuff and so I give you two cool options, that are independently owned by people I can vouch are super good to the core.

1. Microcosm Publishing–an independent publisher of a lot of radical cool books, zines, stickers, shirts.  I will be purchasing multiple copies of Bikenomics on the economics of bicycles (impact and cost/benefit to society) to give as a gift.  The cool thing about Microcosm is they also have “Super Packs” between$15-$90 (most run about $20) you can get a goody bag full of media tailored to your interests, each bag has multiple books and/or films, and stickers.  For example Super Pack Comix includes multiple comic books and stickers for $20; Super Pack Gardening, includes 3 books and 3 zines for $20; Super Pack: A life of Adventure , four books on the adventures of wanderlusts also $20.  This is what is so wonderful, you just pick a theme related to the person you are shopping for or email them and they can help you tailor a them and wham bam an original and recipient tailored gift.

2.  Amorphia Apparel (or as I like to refer to it ‘Nerd Clothing’) .  I’ve given a lot of Amorphia Apparel shirts and magnets as gifts.  It is science-y, political, artful and sweet.  There are a lot of play on words and just awesomeness in the designs.

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