We, Mario and I, have been friends since childhood. We were trouble-making friends, frequently tinkering on the line of suspension from school, often being called out for our shenanigans and being told que nos llevábamos demasiado pesado.  Yesterday, he picked me up from the airport and we haven’t seen each other since December (when this picture was taken) and he asked,

elena y mario

elena y mario

“So, you are in grad school full time now?” “Yup,sure am.”
“And you are getting your doctorate?” “Yes, that is the plan.”
He began to laugh one of those fully belly laughs, where you laugh so hard and so much you can’t quite breath.  Confused I asked why it was so funny that I was getting my doctorate and when he caught his breath he responded.  “I have my doctorate, you are going to get yours.  We both will be doctors and no one caused as much shit (fueron tan desmadrosos) as us, were as much class clowns as us, got into trouble like we did and yet we are going to come out with the most formal education of anyone from our graduating class (generación).”   The idea had him almost in tears and made me feel good to be home.

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