dress for success

I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital.  The hospital has a dress code for women but not for men (my male cousin went in a basketball shorts, and an oversized sleeveless underarmour shirt) .  Women must wear pants or a dress that goes past their knees. It is a hot dusky dry heat of about 100f (38c).  I am not putting on pants in this heat.  I went to the hospital in shorts and a t-shirt, with family scolding me that I wasn’t going to be allowed in.  I kept insisting not to worry “I got this and have a dress packed away”. We got off the combi outside of the hospital, I opened my drawstring bag and pulled out a dress and threw it on over my clothes.  It reached my knees.  Security stopped me and the officer explained that he might not be able to let me in with my mini-skirt as my legs were getting his attention. I think I made a face. Actually, I am pretty sure I made a face. I wanted to give a smart-ass response but I knew this wasn’t the time and I am not good at containing myself.  He let me go in. The moment we walked out of her room, I pulled my dress off and my cousin reacted “Ah the feminist is back now”.

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