Why do I enjoy naval gazing?   The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates  

I am Elenamary, hear me roar; RRRROOOARRRR!

I am a Xicana that is happily creating her own space where one will find awesomeness and failure.

I was born to a Mexican-Mother and an Irish-American father.   I have gender, class, race and cultural identity issues which I blog about quite a bit.

I am a triathlete competing for a slot at the world championships for age-group triathlon, I enjoy my job that “pays the bills”, I love traveling, and have a self-imposed rule that I can never spend my birthday in the USA.

Having trouble focusing on anything for too long,  I’ve run for political office, been a union organizer, fostered a half-dozen children, studied medicine, urban geography and queer feminist performing artists, worked as a medical interpreter, and a higher education access advocate.   I love lots of things but suck at trivia.

Most importantly though I love days with no set plans because I am a combination of stubborn, adventurous and despise being programmed what to do—that is to say I love my free will.

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  1. Dear Elenamary,

    I’m a graduate student at the University of Texas and a friend of Jennifer’s (Jenn’s Journeys). I know that you used to keep a pretty comprehensive list of blogueros/as–did that disappear? Have you decided not to maintain it? Please let me know!



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