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The ones that were given a are completely my own opinion; Don’t like it get your own blog. If you want to change the description of your blog or if I forgot to add someone to the list or if you want to be removed, please email me at: elena mary AT hot mail PUNTO com.

Abi Jones: Goodbye Texas! Hello Washington, DC! This is La Vida Latina, broadcasting to all you chicas, chulos, y gringitas looking for la verdad on amor, el chisme on sex, y the mystery of living (and sleeping) with a white guy…if you want to know about my office’s eating habits, why I carry around so many tampons, and what I think about life in DC, then you’re in the right place ♦ Eng

About to Snap: photography, a mental retreat. Eng

Ana Castillo: Official Blog of Ana Castillo – poet/novelist/artist/essayist

Angry People of Color, Inc. (a funny blog mostly pop culture)

Art Botanas: Latinos In The Arts Eng

The Art of Brownsville: A blog about art and life in Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande Valley/Tamaulipas, Mexico Frontera.

ART-Late Czechia: Diary of a Colombiana Americana that lived in Prague

Author’s Diary Raul Ramos y Sanchez: News and views from the author of America Libre.

Autumnoval: El trayecto acabó, el conductor paró el taximetro y,…me hizo a quedarme a acabar de oir otra canción en la que Morente añoraba a la mujer que había dejado en su tierra natal y que lloraba como la lluvia… Igual sigo desconcertado

Bad Texas: literatura, art(e), politik … bad texas = a prism reflected through y el castigo que merece Texas por ser un perro tan malo

Big Brown Girl: Because being brown isn’t just about the color of your skin

La Bloga: Chicano Literature, Chicano Writers, Chicano Fiction, Children’s Literature, News, Views & Reviews. [También de Chicanas.] Eng

Los Blogueros: Bienvenidos al primer blog en español desde Washington, DC. Nuestro objetivo es informar, comentar, denunciar y bloguear sobre esos temas del ámbito político de Estados Unidos que los medios de comunicación ignoran o distorsionan. Esp

Bonita Gordita: Fitness for a PFat Girl

Brown Kingdom: An outlet for Chicano viewpoints and a search method for historical data. The articles and stories compiled and displayed here, are intended and exhibited as contribution to the preservation and understanding of the Chicano Varrio identity. Lonewolf can be contacted via e-mail at Be sure to check out the archives pa’ mas quezo! “”KEEP IT HATE FREE””

Chicana on the Edge: The blog of one small Mexican American woman against the world. If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, then we are truly screwed. Eng

Chicano Literature Latino Literature – Pluma Fronteriza: Raza Literature from the Borderlands. Raza Literature from Cd. Juarez, Las Cruces, and El Paso. Chicano Writers. Chicana Writers. “Pluma Fronteriza” has become one of the most widley distributed publications in the history of Chicana(o) literature. Founded in 1999, PF showcases Chicano(a) and Latino(a) writers from the El Paso, TX/Cd. Juarez, Chih, Mex/Las Cruces, NM tri-state region. This region has created the largest geographic niche in the genre.

Circe – The C Word: I’m like…a fertility goddess. On hiatus. Eng

Comeuppance: Lo que has quardado: A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one’s just deserts

The whole incentive to on-line journaling is to communicate items which one hopes will be of value to others. To that end, the most important items in life have been assigned a category: living; technology; justice; news; and uncategorized. Love is maybe the critical element that makes all the preceding possible: but love is something I am not comfortable writing about from a personal perspective.

May the contents validate or edify where you are and what you do; if they do not do that, may it challenge you to ask why injustice, why technology, why ignorance, why newsworthy, why uncategorized. Simply, may it remind you that WHY is the most powerful engine for change.

C/S Eng

Crankings, Pulsings, and Total Internal Reflection: The Physics of Queer and Conscious Ed’d

Creative Xicana…yes with an X: Laura Luna is a So-Cal based activist, artist, and FAB femme among other things….. Eng

Cuerpo Aztlan: Because Your Body is YOUR Temple! A site about health, community, and music. Eng

Culture Kitchen – Fresh Dissent Served Daily: culturekitchen is a snark and gravitas filled publication. It is produced by Liza Sabater and a politically progressive community of editors and creatives whose focus is on arts, culture, entertainment, media, politics, science, sex and technology.

The Daily Texican: Ojo: The “Cholo Word Of The Day” is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by “cholos,” but by many people in S. Texas – and their usage can vary. c/s Espng

Digital Diva: Alma Lopez is a Los Angeles-based visual and public artist. Eng

Dos Centavos: Redefining Chicano Socio-Political Discourse. Get your daily dos! Eng

FaBuLoSa Eng Art & Activism
I am a graphic artist that lives and works in Oakland, CA. My art pieces reflect national and international grassroots struggles, and tell a history of social justice through graphics. In this blog, I write about art, art criticism, political graphics, international and domestic art exhibits, graffiti, posters, and culture… from a leftist perspective. I also sometimes repost news items that are relevant to my experiences as a traveling artist. Occasionally, I also post some self reflections. Eng

Flor y Canto: florycanto in xochitl in cuicatl flower and song I use this space to broadcast my intergalactic rebellion para tod@s l@s loc@s cabrones xingones xican@s that are down enough to say “y que,” and are not afraid to spit la neta in the face of oppression or mere discontent. La revolución is just on the other side of la puerta and here’s an axe to break it down. Eng, Esp, Espng

Goddess Musings: Musings of a baseball loving feminist in Chicago Eng

Guanabee: Spicy Coverage for the Latino in you. Guanabee is commentary on media, pop culture and entertainment. Eng

Gustavo Rojo Dot Com: La Unica Muerte es El Olvido Eng, Esp

Hollering: I’m from Mexico, from the area of the Huasteca Potosina in the mountains of San Luis Potosi. I’m from Immokalee, Florida migrant town, tomato capital, the southern most seminole reservation, the gateway to the remaining everglades region. I am also from Chamacuaro, Guanajuato. My name is Candelario, and I am currently a full time student (communication studies), activist, esl tutor at The Florida State University in Tallahassee. Eng

ideant: I was born in Mexico City, but I’ve been living in the United States since 1990. Starting in Fall of 2007, I will be Assistant Professor of New Media in the Communication Studies Department at SUNY Oswego. My work focuses primarily on new media and the social construction of attitudes towards proximal and non-proximal space and time. I’m interested in how, from a sociological perspective, communication technologies engender new forms of sociality which traverse onsite and online environments. In essence, I look at how the concept of nearness is being redefinined in terms of mediated proximity and relevancy. Eng

The Insufficient Blog: quick thoughts and other assorted nonsense. Nico is many things, including Gay, Latino, Male, Unsingle, and Cranky. Yup…Cranky. With a capital C.

The Insufficient Homosexual: Stories from a man who fails to meet media expectations of what it means to be gay:
white, frivolous, over sexed yet sexless, shrill, single, stylish, a clown, unimportant, et al. Nicoliving the lifeis a thirty something latino gay man in Los Angeles with John, his partner of the past decade or so.

Irasali’s domain: where cracked chancla vents about the stuff that strikes her fancy. i quit my job and got a life. now i’m a book and tea merchant with an overdue longing to travel. when i grow up i wanna be a mommy, live on a goat farm, and have a dog named nessy.

Journal, The Third Eng

Latina Lista: a Viewpoint on Anything and Everything From a Latina Perspective. The latest reporting on breaking news, government legislation, justice issues, groundbreaking studies, Latina personalities and all that impacts the quality of life for Latinas/os in the United States — delivered from a Latina perspective. Eng

Latina Lista Blogcasts: Latina-inspired, Latina-created music, video and podcasts. Whether it’s the latest music video of an up-and-coming Latino artist or a short independent film by the next Robert Rodriguez or an interview with a well-known politician/author/celebrity, Latina Lista stays in touch with today’s and tomorrow’s movers-and-shakers Eng

Latina Lista Bookshelf: Whether you grew up in “The House on Mango Street” where you and your amiguitas formed “The Dirty Girls Social Club” where you chatted about “How to be a Chicana Role Model” or you just dreamed of being one of the “Chicanas in Charge,” there’s no doubt that along the way you were inspired by some Latina’s writings. Take time for more inspiration and add some new Latina authors to your list. Eng

Latina Lista Hazlo: Ever dreamed of running for political office, publishing your own newspaper, starting a business, becoming a designer – you get the picture. To learn how to fulfill your sueños, read how others did it. From the idea to the reality, you only have to do it — hazlo. Eng

Latino Netroots: Building a network of progressive Latino voices. Eng

Latino Politics Blog: From the barrio to D.C., where la Raza dishes about political leadership and contemporary issues. Student of political science and public policy, arm chair commentator, grass-roots activist, bringing you the scoop on Latino politicians in the USA, reporting from sunny Southern California. Eng

Latino Pundit: A Latino Blog Born Out of Underrepresentation Eng

El Literati: The blog for Tianguis bookstore in Chicago. El Literati posts news items relevant to Tianguis, related literary and cultural events, feature Latino books and literature, and offer encouragement to emerging Latino voices. Our store carries more than books, for details on our brick and mortar home visit our website: Eng

Lorna Dee Cervantes: Lorna Dee Cervantes opens her pencil into pixels – poetry, peace y Xicanisma Eng

Lotería Chicana: The title comes from a book by José Antonio Burciaga (rip) entitled, Spilling the Beans: Loteria Chicana. It happens to be one of my favorite books, and not just because of the genius title. Lotería is the Mexican version of bingo, but it’s better. There are 54 cards with different images of people, plants, animals, and everyday objects. It’s all a mix, just like this blog. You never know what you’re going to get. One day, I can pick out a card with El Músico (musician) on it and write about the latest concert I attended. The next, it could be El Mundo (world) and I’ll be discussing my travels. The Chicana is part of it because that’s who I am. Eng

Luis J. Rodriguez: I’m Luis J. Rodriguez, the author of Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. and several other books in short fiction, children’s literature, nonfiction, and poetry. On my web log I’ll be posting all the latest news concerning my work as a writer, along with news and opinions on the many political, social, spiritual and cultural activities that I find interesting. Eng

Mamita Mala – One bad Mami: La Mala is a radical , sex positive, Queens, NYC born and raised unmarried Nuyorican freelance writer, poeta, organizer, troublemaker and mami to a MapucheRican chica. She can be found forcing people to not speak English only, spitting something in Espanglish, y livin’ life on the borderline. Eng

Man Eegee – Latino Politico: …Each day I become more and more appalled at the state of our democracy in the United States. I have watched as our constitutional checks and balances are eroded, portions of our people are marginalized, and poverty continues to spread…I started this site to get my voice down on “paper”. I don’t really care if I get five or 500 hits in a day. I’m doing this because I care about my country… Eng

Matt Ortega: Matt Ortega, 22, is a blogger based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in 2006 where he studied political science and history. Eng

Mediocrity is Safe: Mediocrity comes at a price: cheap. Eng

Mexico New: Upper Rio Grande, Santa Fe River. Occasional postings on life, ruminations, and the goings on in my bioregion through tortugo23 shaded lenses. Eng

Mexico Nuevo: “Every calculation based on experience elsewhere, fails in Mexico New.” Mexico Nuevo covers life in my current bioregion, the Upper Rio Grande, Santa Fe River area, from my point of view. Eng

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog: I am a bilingual journalist and editor with over 15 years of experience covering the business beat in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.Eng

My Complex Simplicity: I’m just a simple gal with a complex soul…Eng

Nebur’s Word: Eng

No Method, Just Madness: sometimes. other times the exact opposite. but at all times, unabashedly mine. Eng

Pancho’s Blog: A Yale Chicano’s life and thoughts with a little Ciuapilli. ♦ Eng

¡Para Justicia y Libertad! – because there are somethings still worth fighting for!: This is a progressive political blog addressing issues of working class struggle, Xicano/Latino identity, and the institutional racism that is currently suppressing the common struggle for dignity and liberation. Eng

Planet Grenada: Islam is at the heart of an emerging global anti-hegemonic culture that combines diasporic and local cultural elements, and blends Arab, Islamic, black and Hispanic factors to generate “a revolutionary black, Asian and Hispanic globalization, with its own dynamic counter-modernity constructed in order to fight global imperialism. Eng

El Pocho Abogado: Instead of tearing families apart… He’s a lawyer and it’s go time. He’s currently leafing through the phone book deciding who he will sue first. He would like some Carne Asada Tacos. He is interested in Rock N Roll, the news, and La Causa. If you are new wave then he is single. Eng

Potatoes and Nicotine: Potatoes and Nicotine is a blog by Raul Coto Batres a 22 year old New Yorker that takes you on an adventurous, musical, artistic and amusing trip through the online and offline world. While eating potatoes and smoking cigarettes. Eng

¿Qué pasa en Columbus?: Eventos en Columbus Ohio/Events in Columbus Ohio Eng Esp

Raza Cósmica: un sitio web que trata sobre la vida mexicana en Suecia y los lazos que se han entrelazado a través de este intercambio cultural. Esp

Sensory Overload: not strictly political, not just the arts, more than Latino/a issues, beyond the Bay Area ~ more like a sense-of-everything Eng

Seyd: Dallas atheist feminist immigrant Latino mestizo Monterrey queer Mexicano OakCliff Tejano vegan Xicano bilingual Eng

Soledad en masa – The world rests on my shoulders
: I’ve always enjoyed the concept of being alone in a crowd, which led me to settle for “soledadenmasa.” Eng

The sun goes down and the world goes dancing

Síndrome de Estocolmo: tijuanense xicano: identity, politics & literature @ 2¢ a pop Eng Esp Espng

Tortilla Sandwich by CJ Castillo: CJ is a third generation Texan who was born in Yoakum, Texas, Leather Capital of the World… In her spare time she enjoys making fun of people who go for long walks on the beach, tending to her growing collection of used dryer sheets, and never taking things too seriously. Eng

Tortillas Duras: A queer Chicana diva & her adventures far from home Eng

The Unapologetic Mexican: Where Manifest Destiny Goes to Die. Eng

Vivir Latino: VivirLatino is a daily publication developed by Blogs Media, featuring all the latest in Latino style, products, entertainment, culture, and politics created for the diverse and influential Latino and Latina community in the U.S. Eng

Voto Latino: The Official Voto Latino Blog – Es tu Blog REPRESENT!  Eng

Walk Straight In the Land of the Waste: Another brown girl from L.A. Eng

With All Due Respect…: Rants, Raves, Reviews and Creative Writings from an outspoken Puerto Rican, lesbian, lawyer. English and Spanish are spoken here! Topics include Local Politics (US-PR), LGBT Issues, Personal Challenges, Gadgets, and more… Eng, Esp

Wrki en el mundo: el corazon es el tambor del cuerpo y de la vida. tocalo! 80%/18%/2% English/Spanish/Other-lingual Color de cacao, hija de boricuas, mujer hecho de almas fuerzas y curiosas Eng, Esp

Xikano hasta las madresEng, Esp

XISPAS: Chicano Culture, Art, and Politics Eng, Esp

Xoloitzquintle: Random collection of kvetching About me: I am a thirty-something freelance anthropology and university instructor for hire. Originally from Mexico, now I wander and wonder around the world. My current stint is in Boston, but I am aiming at moving somewhere warmer soon. Eng

Yonder Lies It: where genuine Xicano thinking knows no borders y desde all the way de Sweden ese! Eng, Esp, Espng

ZOOMZOOM: diesiseis megas de memoria Eng, Esp,


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    hey, ahh. by the way, isn’t it more gramatically correct if its, blogatitlan?

    i suppose that the misspelling in that makes it more chicano, so i accept it, but because i guess i know a lot of the colonizer language, it like erks me A LITTLE, no te creas, no big friggen deal right?
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  3. y yo que? estoy pndiata en la pared o que?hey, ahh. by the way, isn’t it more gramatically correct if its, blogatitlan?i suppose that the misspelling in that makes it more chicano, so i accept it, but because i guess i know a lot of the colonizer language, it like erks me A LITTLE, no te creas, no big friggen deal right?lolhugs cu in face bookz

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