Update on 2016 Calendar

A tentative list of some bike tours, USAT sanctioned triathlon races, and 1/2 marathons for 2016. As always, I love it when friends join me and if there is some kind of sporty thing you are already planning on or would like to plan, I’m all about adding and adjusting this calendar.


10th, Columbus, Ohio USA, Squat, Bench, Deadlift competition
Ohio State Powerlifting Club and Rec Sports Powerlifting Competition

17th Cincinnati, Ohio, 1/2 Marathon
Cincinnati Broke Man’s Half Marathon: Another run in the Broke Man series. I figure this is just part of good training for the 1/2 Ironman in August.

1st Lorain, Ohio, 1/2 Marathon
Lorain Broke Man’s Half Marathon: Again a no-frills race, 1/2 marathon…using it as a training run for the bigger races in late summer early fall.  (this one is most likely not happening because I’ll hopefully be in Mexcio.

7th, Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexcio, Olympic Triathlon
ITU World Cup Huatulco 2016

12th- August 15th, Xinjiang to Haikou, China, Bike Tour
Biking China with Marian

1st-15th finishing bike tour of china with Marian.

21st, Delaware, Ohio, USA, 1/2 Ironman Triathlon
Ironman 70.3 Ohio: 1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run. I hope to seriously train for this race and do the course multiple times before the race, as I live maybe half an hour from the site. If you want to go out and do this course with me, at any time, holla’.

11-18, Cozumel, Mexico, Triathlon Worlds
World Triathlon Age Group Championships: This only happens if I qualify and I make the team.

2nd, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 1/2 marathon
Columbus Broke Man’s Half Marathon: Again a no-frills race, 1/2 marathon…using it as a maintaining run.

8th, Acapulco, Guerrero, México, Olympic Distance Triathlon,
Triatlón Acapulco 2016: I am looking forward to this because hopefully I will be in good condition from a solid spring, summer and fall of training and if I can do well at this race I can qualify for 2017 worlds.



16th, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 2 mile run
warm-up for Broke Man’s Winter Warm-up
competed with Sandra

17th, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Half-Marathon
Broke Man’s Winter Warm-Up:
competed with Sandra

6th, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Indoor Triathlon
OSU Indoor Triathlon

5th, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Indoor Triathlon
Dunn Dash Triathlon
competed with Sandra

Goodbye 2015

2015 has been physically a rough year.

Started out the year with a bum knee and hip-flexor, after I hurt them on a late fall, early winter trail run half marathon.

In the Spring my knee and for the most part my hip-flexor better, I had to have surgery on my lady bits.  Threw my hormones for a loop, and knocked my whole body out.

Then in the fall had a serious concussion after Pancho Villa the dog head butted me. I lost consciousness, came to and couldn’t read or write, or balance myself.

I am feeling much better (other than this cold I currently have) and am really looking forward to athletically kicking ass in 2016.

Alejandro “Mono” González

El viernes tuve el honor de interpretar en forma de conferencia por Alejandro Mono González.  Fue completamente un despapya.  Me había, por si, dado ansiedad por que es Chileno usando vocabulario de artista y además que no me dí cuenta hasta después iba también usar palabras históricas y políticas.  Yo estoy mucho mas acostumbrada interpretar por cosas médicas.   Llevo años interpretando por cosas medicas entonces me siento muchismo más cómoda se las palabras que van a utilizar y oraciones que van a usar…por mayoría pues.  Todo es conocido y hasta puedo anticipar lo que van a decir esto fue mucho mas diferente.

Además fue delante de mis colegas y mis profesores.  Que pena…pues por lo menos ya aprendí que tengo que ser mucha mas fuerte cuando digo que no me siento la persona adecuada.

strong women


I went on two dates with two different men this week, and the best part was after the second date I got to home to a bag of trail mix and to the documentary Strong! (I’ll include it below and hope you’ll watch).

ladies I train with

I am on the far right. These are a couple of the lovely strong ladies I train with

Date #1 let me know that he was more attracted to petite women, and women whiter than me.

Date #2 explained that he didn’t like women with lots of muscles.  It is just “too much muscles for a woman”.  He used my gym girlfriends as examples of unattractive.

I came home feeling fat, big, too masculine, unattractive and pissed that I felt those ways. Pissed at myself for being illogical, pissed at those men, pissed at societal norms, and culturally standards of beauty that I tell myself are absurd, however, truth is, they still fucking hurt.  Luckily, I’ve great friends like Sharon Moss a national Strongwoman, who by great fortune, posted a link to the movie Strong!  I’ve wanted to see Strong! for a couple of years now, and for this week only it is available for free viewing at PBS’ Independent Lens.

You know, I am not as strong as I’d like to be, but I am strong, and getting stronger and it is coming from the encouragement of the women around me who lift.  Women who value all bodies for their strengths.  Here is a video of me lifting with encouragement from my friend Hannah.  No matter what anyone says I love how I look in it (although I need to work on my form)!  Now, I just need to find someone else to train with as Hannah moved away earlier this week.

Elenamary lifts (click for video)

Biking from Columbus to Chicago

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now and I am tired of waiting for everyone to get their shit together.  So, I am doing it with or without you people.  I am biking to Chicago July 1st from Columbus, ideally we will arrive late morning/mid day in Chicago on July 4th.

The longest ride will be on July 2nd with 111 miles and the shortest on the 4th of July only 45 miles (and we can even cut that short by hoping on the train with our bikes).

I will be staying at cheap hotels along the route and will mostly be traveling by bike path–occasionally country roads.  I have not decided yet if I will bike back or not but I am going to plan it out.  It will just depend how I feel once I get to Chicago and if there are enough people interested biking from Chicago to Columbus.
If you want details on my planned route let me know.  I’ll send you a more detailed map, links to the hotels (the more of us the go the cheaper it will be).  I’ll also answer any questions you have.

Down & Delirious In Mexico City

I was making plans to meet up with El Oso in Mexico City.  I kept telling him how much I hated Mexico City and how I was going to suffer through Mexico City just so I could hang out with him.

I’d always found Mexico City to have a dense blanket of sulfur permeating through the city that left your skin feeling some how both dry and oily, and always covered with a thick coat of filth.   People were pushy and in a hurry to get nowhere fast.  I mean seriously what did Mexico City have to offer that I couldn’t find better elsewhere?  Even their food is inferior.  They can’t grow anything in their concrete sinking wasteland.  I like good food, fresh air, and people with all the time in the world—Mexico city has none of these things.

So here I was planning a trip to a city I disliked.  Oso being the sweetheart he is compromised and offered that we could meet up in Tepoztlán and invite Daniel Hernández.  Tepoztlán sounded like a tourist trap, and who was this Daniel Hernández?  Oso was shocked I didn’t know this man.  “What? Don’t you read his blog?”  I wasn’t sure, I read a lot of blogs.   Had I not read his book?  I should totally read his book el Oso insisted.  I should totally be friends with Daniel, we would love each other.  El Oso and I never made it to Tepotzlán together but it looks like he and Daniel did.


Down & Delirious In Mexico City

I finally got around to reading the book a couple months ago…and now finally to writing the review.  The book was great.  Daniel’s personality is clear and amazing in this book. I do want to be his friend and I would totally explore Mexico City with him.  Daniel made Mexico City enticing and I want to play with it like a cat with a ball of string.

The book is titled Down & Delirious In Mexico City:  The Aztec Metropolis in The Twenty-First Century.    The book deals with so many of my favorite topics: self  identity, cross-cultural existence, punk movement, music, sexuality, blogging,  “bohemians”, finding a place to call home.    I’ve for a long time now identified as punk although the reasons for my identification have punk have changed over the years but it was interesting to me reading about Mexico City punks.  Before this book I had little respect for Mexico City punks, I thought of them as rich kid posers trying to be “alternative”.  However some of the punks Daniel hung out with were “real” punks, the ones that understood the politics that came with being, the idea of creating and protecting a community.  Their struggle to be accepted as political leaders was also interesting to me.  In a sense, I guess it is the same everywhere in the world—the punk community is generally politically aware, social conscious and the key is to be accepting of all, and yet we are misunderstood and viewed as a threat when we’d be the first to help your grandma cross the street.

Daniel, also gave me interesting look into Mexico Cities fashionistas…probably the one group of people I had the least respect for.  The main reason being that I believe they encourage consumerism and divisions between classes.  Anyway, Daniel should me that is not always the case. That fashion, good fashion, isn’t about consumerism, but can be a reflection of identity, and history, and cultural context all within what one already posses.

I wish I’d written this blog shortly after reading the book, but I didn’t so here we are.  All I can say is go read the  book. It changed my views on things, and maybe Daniel ,el Oso and I will hang out soon enough.