Cinco de Mayo in the Gateway

I live in a neighborhood commercially known as “The Gateway” (read government supported gentrification) although I prefer calling it by the more historical name Weinland Park.

While walking home from the gym last night I saw this advertisement:

Cinco de Mayo at Gateway

I did check out the website and the “events and specials” seem to be discounts on alcohol at two bars, the “Irish” one and the “Mexican” one (Kildare’s and Made Mex).  Which to me is personally interesting because an Irish friend visiting the US called me a couple days ago and asked what this Cinco de Mayo thing was all about.  I told her it was an annoying holiday only celebrated in the US.  I compared it to St. Paddy’s but the difference being in Ireland people have actually heard of St Patrick’s day.

My Mexican aunt who first witnessed cinco de mayo a few years ago, asked me why all the college students were sitting in their yards drinking beers while wearing sombreros.  How would you answer that one?   Anyway, back to the advertisement,  I am offended by it but am having difficulty articulating why, and was hoping my readers could help me out.  On a positive note, it is less offensive than the “spicy” one the North Market had a few years ago:
Cinco D' Ohio

Columbus Rocks!

Today, I was at a conference and got a sense that those in HR at some pretty large organizations don’t realize how much of an easy sell Columbus, Ohio is.

We rock.  Seriously, here is my Thursday of which I’ll only to be able make it to those things starred.

*8am-4pm Ohio Hispanic Leaders Conference (where Mayor of Columbus, Mike Coleman, showed up and blasted Arizona’s racist laws—love him!)       Left the conference on bike and rode through the Short North Arts District to my house and passed Mayor Coleman on High Street where he was in a pedicab.

330pm Triathlon Run Practice

445pm-12am Triathlon Hay Ride, Pumpkin picking, Bonfire etc.

*6pm-9pm Columbus Underground Happy Hour at Z Cucina.

*7pm-930pm  Bad Movie Night at Junctionview.

9pm-11pm  Joke Jams (Stand-up comedy) at Kafe Kerouac.

*9pm-2am Pierced Arrows/Sandwich/The Ferals (Indie Punk Rock Music) at The Summit.

*10pm-1130pm Radical Movie Night presents, Female Trouble at the Sporeprint Infoshop.

Of course there are lots of other venues with music and art tonight, but the list above are solely the things I’m interested in attending today that I didn’t have to research.  I know for example if I looked at the Wexner Center’s page, they are almost assuredly showing an international indie film that I’d enjoy seeing, but for me it is better to not know what I am missing, and enjoy what I can.

I take it to heart when people bad mouth Columbus, we have a lot to enjoy in this city…my problem is never finding what to do, but time to fit in everything I want to do.