The State of Mexico on Elenamary

This is a great article by Daniel Hernandez for Vice News: Mexico is Having Its Most Depressing Election in Recent Years.

I think I like it so much because it touches on so many things that are of strong influence on me, yet that aren’t known by others here in Ohio, and so I can share this well written English article that offers a glimpse into the state of Mexico.

People here don’t know too much about the 43 and when they do it isn’t real to them in the same way it is to me.  I have driven by that school how many times, was held up (in a very considerate way) by those students, that my mother is friends with a mother of the missing 43.

That yes political elections are scary in Mexico right now and that I have multiple friends involved in multiple political parties.  One friend in particular I am frighted for is, Salomón, who is running for Governor of Guerrero, a state that has already had two political candidates murdered this year.

That the drug wars have effected me closely and taken a friend.  That Michoacán where my family is from, and Oaxaca where my godparents and friends live are in political upheaval more so than other states.

Daniel’s article does a great job of covering and weaving all these topics in a way that the English speaker interested in Mexico, can understand.  I am quite thankful I can share this article.


Years ago, my then boyfriend Alexi and I took our first international trip together to Mexico.  It was our first night in Mexico, and we were asleep in Taxco, my hometown.  I was awoken by Alexi  “Elena.  Elena.” I grumbled something lifted my head slightly and looked at the blinking red digital clock and dropped my head back into the pillow.  He continued “Elena, do you hear that?  What is it?”  I heard in the background a boom, some crackling and then the echo of the boom and crackling.  “Fireworks” I responded still not lifting my head. “Why?” he asked.  I let out in a somewhat flippant tone ” Because, it is 7:23am”.

It is quite normal in Taxco for both fireworks and firecrackers to go off anytime.  People like the explosions there is no real reason for it.   I’ve been reminded of that feeling here in China the last few days as the Chinese New Year is being celebrated.  People stand around nonchalantly with a long row of fire crackers, and with the same ease of puffing on their cigarette they lean down with their cigarette and ignite the row of fire crackers. And why the hell not?  It is the new year.  It has been non-stop.  The fire crackers are wrapped in what seems like a never-ending amount of red paper that has littered the streets leaving the streets a bright celebratory red.  I like it. I am sure it is wasteful as all hell but I like it.  I almost like it as much as I like shitting in KFC.

I hate fastfood restaurants.  I hate seeing them in the US but even more so abhor seeing them abroad.  This is what we’ve exported?  I can’t full explain the gratification it gives me to know I have shat on our great American capitalist, diabetes inducing, artery clogging bull shit.  It gave me great pleasure that on New Years Eve while in a touristy trap neighborhood of Sanya, Hainan, I got the runs while near a KFC.  There is something wonderful about going into a foreign fast food joint and defecating.  If you are going to get the runs while abroad, I know of no better way to full enjoy it; their bathrooms are clean and you are returning to them the favor of what they gave the world.