Summer 2015

I still need more stuff for early July, late August and all of September, please make suggestions. Here is how the summer is panning out:

June 14th  Naperville, Illinois Sprint Tri  (doing this with one with Sandra and Poor Little Tumbleweed Adriana)

June 21st  Columbus, OH Tri Tech Columbus  (I am on a relay team for work and am only doing the swim)

July 10th-12th Ruido Fest in Chicago (I won’t be buying my ticket until June so if anyone knows how I can get it any cheaper pleeeeease let me know).

25 de julio  Teques, Morelos Olympic Tri  (hopefully with my god-brother-in-law Carlos)  Having  previously traveled to Mexico with my bike, Keni Styles to Mexico, I’ve decided this is too much and I’d rather just rent when I arrive…so I am open to suggestions on this.  Ideally, I would still like to use SPDs.

August 14-16 Nashville, Indiana Tour de Upland (cycling, camping and swimming with McPocho and Andy)

Voy a necesitar bici en el de Teques…¿algún consejo de como conseguir bici cuando o antes de que llego?

Meat Consumption

A few weeks ago, in Chicago, a friend of mine and I tried out Native Foods in Wicker Park.   Native Foods is a chain Vegan restaurant.  When ordering our food we were asked if we were Vegetarians or Vegans.  My friend responded “Yes, we are.”  I interrupted and corrected “No, I am not”.   I felt (and I am sure a lot of it was my own consumption consciousness) as if I’d just destroyed all perceptions he had of me,  as if I’d seriously let him down or kicked a small puppy in his presence.

So here is the thing, he’d never asked if I eat meat. In general I don’t eat meat—there is no good reason for it.  It is unhealthy and frequently, at least in this country, toxic.  If when given a vegetarian or meat option, I’ll almost always choose the vegetarian.  When given a vegan or vegetarian option, I’ll sometimes choose the vegan.   I’m a big fan of dairy (again unhealthy and frequently toxic) and yet I make the informed personal decision to eat things that are good or bad for me.   I also occasionally drink alcohol. Ideally I’d always choose a carrot juice over a beer, or a beet smoothie over red wine but sometimes I want some wine or a beer.

I don’t let food get in the way of life. It is easier for me to go through life and not be defined or restricted by the food I eat or don’t eat.  That said, I get super defensive and angry when people rip into vegetarians or vegans. To the point where I don’t make logical arguments; I just call them “stupid heads” and walk away in frustration at their stupid heads.

Anyway, almost equally as annoying as the philistinism of some meat eaters is the hubris of  some herbivores. Like our server at Native Foods, who after I had said I wasn’t a vegetarian suggested that a “first timer” like me probably shouldn’t have the vegetarian burger because it had seitan and tempeh.  WTF?  Dude, I am an elitist privileged pseudo-white girl who is having dinner at  a vegan restaurant in Wicker Park AND you just heard me explain to my friend that although I grew up with vegan family members and a vegetarian mother, I rebelled.   Come on dude, really, you think I can handle some tempeh?  Bite me.

That said, as much as I dislike titles, I’m hoping to lead a vegan lifestyle this summer while training for triathlons and while the fresh local produce is abundant.
Jess Elenamary Steph Yony
My unsolicited advice to all of you is, live and eat in ways that cause minimal damage to yourself and others—I promise to try and follow my own advice too.


I did my first triathlon on Saturday.   I am proud of myself.   I’m looking forward to doing better and actually training.  Setting goals for myself and hoping to keep better track on come join me there.

A big thanks to my little brother who got me ino the triathlon…he placed first for his age group/gender.